Trex Decking

Trex Decking is made up of composite material, and is an outstanding product for decking. Trex has a great ability to withstand weather, and will not rot. Trex has a couple of different ways to be fastened down, either by hidden fasteners, or with color matching screws. Overall, Trex is a great choice for someone looking for a very low maintenance deck.

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Trex Enhance Basics

COLORS: Clam Shell, Beach Dune, Saddle

Trex Enhance Naturals

COLORS: Foggy Wharf, Rocky Harbor, Coastal Bluff, Sunset Cove, Toasted Sand

Select Trex Decking

COLORS: Saddle, Madeira, Woodland Brown, Pebble Gray

Transend Decking

COLORS: Gravel Path, Tree House, Vintage Lantern, Fire Pit, Rope Swing

Transend Tropical Decking

COLORS: Havana Gold, Island Mist, Lava Rock, Spiced Rum, Tiki Torch


Transend Railing System


Rain Escape Sysytem


Special Order