Since 1944, generations of the Oakley family have owned and operated the local family business. A.C. Oakley started Oakley Lumber Company in 1944. His son, Willard Oakley, joined him as soon as he could walk! Later, his other son, James E. Oakley, joined the company as well. Oakley Lumber Company, then on Charlotte Avenue, furnished lumber and building materials of all types for many years. In the early 1960’s, Willard Oakley started the contractor/builder lumber yard in west Nashville on 42nd Avenue North.  In 1998, Willard’s grandson, Daniel Oakley purchased and continued to run and grow the successful family business in Nashville, TN.  Since Daniel’s passing, Brock Oakley and Desiree Oakley have continued to grow the company together.

oakley letter-01

“In my opinion there would be no Oakley Lumber Co. without A.C., Willard, & Daniel.  Run it 25 years & keep it going.  Love Pop” (note sent to Daniel Oakley from Willard Oakley Feb. 8, 2001)