The Best Way to Rid Your Deck of Leaf and Pine Needle Stains

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Oct 11, 2017

There is nothing better than having a newly installed deck made from the finest wood lumber of your local Nashville lumber yard

The clean, natural look that wooden decks provide in Nashville, TN is unbeatable and give any home the perfect amount of added aesthetics. However, since they are located outside, there are many environmental factors that your deck needs to be protected against. A common, but often forgotten factor are fallen leaves and pine needles. If saturated and left on your deck for too long, fallen leaves can emit stains. Pine needles also leave behind a residue called tannin. Tannin is a brown sticky substance that closely resembles tree sap. Due to it’s sticky, adhesive texture, tannin can be quite a difficult stain to remove from your deck without the proper tools and chemicals.

If you find pine needle and leaf stains on your wood deck, then it’s time to wash it as soon as possible. However, before you go ahead and clean your wooden deck, be sure to consult with the Nashville lumber company who originally installed your deck; they will have the best insights on what cleaning methods you should use on the type of wood your deck is made from.

To remove leaf and pine needle stains from your deck, follow the tips below:

1. Mix together a tannin cleaning solution. These can be found at many different home improvement stores. Be sure to read the label carefully to see which woods the specific cleaner is made for.

2. Use a scrubbing brush, dip it into the cleaning solution, and gently scrub over the areas with the stains. For optimum results, brush with the grain of the wood, not against it.

3. Once you are through scrubbing and the tannin stains are no longer visible, it’s time to pull out the power washer. To successfully rid the remaining cleaner from the wood, adjust the power washing settings to medium–not high–and begin rinsing your deck. If you set your power washer too high, you would wind up ruining the wood; so please, proceed with caution.

4. Once the deck has been completely rinsed, let it dry for at least two days before you allow family, friends, and pets walk on it.

5. To avoid future stains and to keep your beautiful wooden deck in prime condition, you may want to consider applying a sealant once your deck is fully dry.

By following these simple steps, your deck with be back to looking like it’s brand-new self in a few short days.