The Best Alternatives to Rosewood

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Nov 09, 2017

Wood Lumber Nashville, TN

Rosewood is a tropical-native species of tree that is mainly found in areas such as Africa, and Central and South America. Specifically, Rosewood is used to make hardwood specialty items such as luxury furniture, paneling, and musical instruments. This is a species of wood that is highly coveted by the upper class due to its beautiful rich colors of dark chocolate, red-brown, and even a purple-brown. However, at the start of 2017, the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna was held. At this convention, it was announced that Rosewood was being added to the list of protected species.

Due to the announcement that Rosewood was soon becoming an endangered species, the production of Rosewood began to be very carefully monitored in the US. Luckily there are species of the derive from the beloved Rosewood that are not in danger of becoming extinct. A popular Rosewood look-alike is the Morado/Bolivian Rosewood. This type of wood is absolutely stunning and resembles Rosewood very closely due to its variety of color sleekness. Morado aka Bolivian Rosewood is grown in Bolivia and transported to the US. depending on the cut of wood, Morado can be purplish-tan in color and have streaks of brown or black running through it. Another wood that closely resembles Rosewood is the Chechen aka Caribbean Rosewood. Grown in Mexico, this species of tree can be worked as a perfect substitute to Rosewood. Caribbean Rosewood has stunning vibrant colors that range from amber to dark drown embedded with beautiful dark streaks. Caribbean Rosewood is typically very hard and very dense but makes for great furniture.

These Rosewood alternatives are very luxurious and highly coveted due to their appearance and also their rarity. The process of transporting this wood into the US has grown more and more difficult, resulting in an inflated price. There are quite a few international rules and regulations to follow, as well as hiring a team of international lumber workers to locate their area of growth, and finding the trees that are 100% ready for harvesting. It’s quite a process, but the end result is wonderful.

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