The 5 Most Popular Decking Materials

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Jan 11, 2018

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With a spacious, beautiful backyard, the possibilities are endless. For added aesthetics, many people in Nashville, TN love to add landscaping, a patio, a firepit, and even a pool. However, some of the most popular backyard add-ins are decks. For some added outdoor space for your home, decks serve a wonderful purpose. If you love to host people at your home and are looking to invest in some outdoor renovation, then a deck might just be the thing for you. Here are the top 5 most popular deck building materials homeowners love:

1. Western Red Cedar

This material of wood is very popular due to its richness and beauty in color as well as its qualities. Naturally, Western Red Cedar produces tannins and oils that help it resist against forms of decay and insects. Normally, when cedar is used for decking purposes, you can choose from 4 types: architect clear, architect knotty, custom clear, and custom knotty. To keep its beautiful color, a stain must be applied once it’s installed. Our Nashville lumber company offers Western Red Cedar. This cedar lumber is great for durability outdoors.

2. Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods such as Tigerwood, are beautifully dark and rich in color. Additionally, they are known to be exceptionally durable and naturally resistant to forms of decay and insects–similar to cedar and redwood. Due to their durability, tropical hardwoods are mainly installed with hidden fasteners, which is actually beneficial for most homeowners since the drill holes won’t be visible. Without preservatives, tropical hardwoods–Tigerwood–can last for 30 plus years. We carry TigerDeck at our Nashville lumber yard. Call today for more information.

3. Composites – Trex

Composite decking such as Trex, contain wood fibers and recycled plastic material. Combined, they create a material of decking that is both weather resistant and highly durable. Composites come in a variety of size, color, and price. Contact our lumber yards in Nashville, TN for more information on Trex.

4. Pressure-Treated Lumber

Believe it or not, pressure-treated lumber just happens to be one of the most popular decking materials sold. It may sound expensive, but this type of lumber is actually reasonably priced.   This wood usually has a slight green tint to its exterior and is milled from Southern Yellow Pine Trees and chemically treated in order to combat bugs, rot, and fungus. Normally, pressure-treated lumber is chemically treated with alkaline copper quaternary and copper azole. The only true disadvantage that comes with pressure-treated wood is that it tends to be dimensionally unstable–leading to cracking and warping. Additionally, maintenance is key when it comes to pressure-treated lumber, such as power washing and stain application. Find the pressure treated lumber you need in Nashville, TN.

5. Redwood

Like the Western Red Cedar, Redwood is a popular decking material due to its color and natural–non-chemically treated–attributes. Redwood also produces natural oils that allow it to be rot and insect resistant. So it’s natural color does not fade, it’s recommended to apply a clear stain on the wood. When decking, consider investing in either sapwood-streaked or B-grade redwood that contains heartwood.

If you are unsure of which wood material would best the best fit for a new deck and will compliment your house the most, be sure to call your trusted Nashville lumber company. Our experienced employees at Oakley Lumber in Nashville, TN are able to provide our customers with the best advice on your decking options.